A Thousand Words

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When reflecting on our lives we recognize both moments of good and bad, both moments of strength and weakness, and both moments of triumph and defeat. While all of our lives are a mixture of these things, why does it seem like some are more evident in our minds? We don’t praise our strengths, but instead pick apart our weaknesses. We don’t glory in our victories, rather sulk in our defeats. We feel the good in the moment, but allow the bad to linger in constant torment. Even in our greatest moments of optimism, we can’t seem to entirely let go because as soon as we seem to forget, something happens to bring it all rushing back.

I believe scars remind us the past is real, but without them it becomes easy to forget how far we’ve come. In them are painted the stories of the hurt we’ve experienced, but even more than that, they represent the hope that we can overcome. If every tomorrow is truly better than today, we can know that even though there will be bumps in the road, the future is still bright.

Therefore, our greatest testimony does not lie in our successes, but in the failures we refused to let keep us down. Oftentimes our lives are the pictures of grace that say far more than we ever could. While each individually unique, they all hold the power to impact, move, and change those after us. What we feel was our greatest mistake is really nothing but His greatest glory.

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  1. It is my experience in life that while this is true, we also tend to hold on to the good times and forget the pain! The choices we make are the difference between our triumph or defeat….. knowing which way to go is where we have to look to God so that we can be sure that no matter what the outcome, it was Gods will, and trust in the fact that even if we dont understand why he has a reason for everything he does.

  2. Wow! That last statement hit me like a lightening bolt. Beautiful! Very profound.

  3. It’s absolutely true! Why is it called past? Mistakes hurts, guez dat’s why we’re humans. Wateva hurts us, is to make us better. It won’t happen twice! Rachel, 10x 4 ya blog

  4. Thanks for sharing these words Rachel. I think the reason why some of the things are more evident in our minds is because we spend more time reflecting on them. In Philippians 4:6, Paul says, “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

    It is true that we learn from defeats, and the other negative stuff that happen to us. But we should not dwell much on them.

  5. What a great blog, well put together and very inspiring. I have an interesting past and sometimes I try to look back to remind me of how God pulled me out of tough times and how I need to keep my praise on. This is very touching and am blessed to have read this…

  6. Reading your blog reminds me of how important it is to TRUST GOD & WALK BY FAITH. Sometimes we may feel that things are not going as we expected but like you said… “What we feel was our greatest mistake is really nothing but His greatest glory.” Thank You for the reminder.=)

  7. It is sad that most people tend to dwell on weaknesses rather than be grateful for the strengths that were given by the Creator. What we choose to magnify will automatically increase in our lives so it is wise to constantly be in a state of thanksgiving and trust that the Lord will take care of molding us into the people we were created to be.

  8. I agree with you. I would not change anything in my past even though there is a lot of ugly. If I hadn’t gone through a lot of what I had I most likely would not have as much compassion on others.

    The important thing though is that you learn from those things and do not keep repeating them and making excuses. Just because there is grace I don’t go out to clubs dance improperly and dress displeasing and heart God my Father. I say God you’ve given me grace (which is strength) to rise above those things and to do what is right so that others can see it IS possible and is NOT necessary to act like the world and get attention.

    My goal is to receive as few scars as possible through God’s grace so that I no longer have to heart His heart. <3

  9. We need each other as an entire body of Christ. Lift each other up and not compare to one another because that is the path to failure. How can someone just forget the past when it’s imbedded in my mind. If there is a failure that pops in your minds somewhere then try and counter attack it with the word to understand why it happened, to gain wisdom and understanding, MOST importantly you will know the truth of yourself in Christ Jesus and it will set you free as long as you’re in his shadow of grace. WE SHOULD (not saying that we do all the time) STOP DEMONIZING PEOPLE if they do something that you think is wrong, be careful because you don’t know the truth of that personal relationship with God that they have through prayer. Praise be the Father for send Jesus to die so we can recieve from God the gift of faith leading to Grace so we don’t ever give up on him believing in him in everthing we do. REMEMBER when things start to go bad it means to draw close to the Savior not run away, stop your looking down, look up for heavenly things, by getting down on your knees for help in seeing light within people not darkness, and seeking Him will keep you in the righteous path to be equiped to do good works, collecting gold in heaven, but shhhhh don’t tell Lord Jesus that all the gold I get from him I’m going to give back to him because GOD knows where I would be without him.

  10. What an encouraging word from you. Such word as this is what the youth of our generation needs in order to succeed in life. We need more of such words as this Rachel. Thanks for that.

  11. I just want to say I’ve been watching daystar for about two months now and it is changing my life. I have noticed you and you are an extremely beautiful girl inside and out! This blog is powerful and you’re a great blessing in this world.

  12. Hi Rachel! Love your honesty & encouraging words! Keep seeking a genuine way to share what God has taught you & He will continue to bless the work of your hands! … I would love to have a link to your blogs from Hong Kong, my family is moving there this summer for long term ministry… Would love to swap stories sometime! (please email me, find us on FB or check out our blog)

    Also, you are very right about mistakes/blessings… God brought miraculous blessings out of what I knew to be my biggest mistake. One of those blessings is my best friend & Godly husband… the other is my 12 y/o son, a worship leader & mighty warrior for the Kingdom! God is in the miracle business, He has never given up on us, so let’s never give up on chasing Him & allowing Him to transform our minds & lives! *Blessings to you!*

  13. I agree with the statements, but the last statement is the one that hits home, because God’s words declare that he will be with us in the storms, difficulties in our life. If only we could see that when we are struggling. God Bless.

  14. Love your blog and thoughts Rachel! I have started a new blog please all take a look…would love to hear your feedback… x

  15. I have a question. My little sister is struggling coming out of a relationship (she’s 22) and I see her do this over and over where she doesn’t know what to do with herself after the relationship is over. I am married, so I don’t remember or have much advice, but I am concerned that she may fall into bad habits. Is there a book or something I could get her, so I don’t feel like I am watching powerlessly as she struggles through this?

  16. I love your words and am soo glad I can read you from Africa-Ghana. GOD BLESS YOU. I love your blog too.

    1. Hi, sister. Am Aaron. I have been watching daystar. Lord Jesus Christ change my life. Am from India. Will you pray for me sister? God bless you.

  17. Rachel, here is a perfect example: the life of Joseph the son of Jacob. In his life his trials in life led him into his success. He never gave up and I say we should never give up because maybe your next trial will be the gateway to success. JUST BE DETERMINED AND HARDWORKING AND YOU WILL SURELY WIN. THAT’S SO POWERFUL. Thanks be to Yahweh!

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