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Age: 21 years old
School: Oral Roberts University
Major: Business Administration
Minor’s: History and Religious Studies


Why Are You Writing This Blog?
I started writing my first blog when I was traveling overseas in China, India, and the Philippines. Since I was gone for so long, it was the easiest way for people to stay in touch with what we were doing. When I entered college I started just writing on my free time about things I saw my friends go through. I never thought my writing would ever be anything more than just random thoughts hidden in the archives of my computer.

One day though, my friend was going through a really difficult time and I sent them a message with some of my writing, hoping to offer some encouragement. They responded a few days later thanking me for the message asking me who wrote it? They were shocked when they found out I was in fact the author.

More and more opportunities availed to share my writing with people who were struggling in their lives. The positive feedback was overwhelming, as people started messaging asking if I written about this or that and wanted to read more.

The more I continued to pray, I felt lead to start a blog. My only hope is not necessarily to have the most perfect writing, but to help other people with things I have personally experienced. If what I write could help one person give life another chance, give one person hope, let one person know they aren’t alone, give one person encouragement, then it’s worth it for me- I’m writing for that one person.[/expand]

What is your favorite topic to write about?
I don’t think I enjoy one topic over another. Everything I write comes from my heart, a raw take on how I see things. None of my writing gives complete answers on how people should do things, just helpful suggestions. I think there’s something beautiful about self discovery!

How can you use this blog to help people?
I want my blog to be a place where I’m not the only one writing. It’s about providing a venue for other young people to share their thoughts, feelings, and response’s about the subject I write about. I think it’s only through the careful review of everyone’s idea that you come up with best solution. Everyone’s been through something, so everyone has something to say. Your story could be the very thing that helps someone else make it through.


What things do you like to do for fun?
I am a total thrill seeker. I’m all about the rush and spontaneity of extreme sports. I have bungeed jumped off the tallest bridge in the world in South Africa, the tallest tower in the world in China, and I’ve gone power parachute gliding. I hope to one day get the opportunity to go sky diving.  That’s definitely next on the agenda for me!

What countries have you visited?
I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel all around the world. I have so far been able to travel to the following countries: China, India, Philippines, Hungry, Israel, South Africa, Swaziland, U.S. Virgin Islands, Mexico, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Guatemala, and the United Arab Emirates.

What is your favorite subject?
My favorite subject without a doubt is history. I love learning about how other people did things. We have so much to learn from the success and failures of the past. My favorite in particular is Russian History.

What are your favorite books?
I’m slightly dyslexic so reading can be difficult sometimes. There are some books though I have really enjoyed:
– “The 5 Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman
– “Love as Verb” by Dr. Gary Chapman
– “Auschwitz: A Doctors Eyewitness Account” by Dr. Miklos Hyiszli
– “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy
– “His Princess: Love Letters from your King” by Sheri Rose Shepherd
– “Irresistible Revolution” by Shane Claiborne

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    1. Shannon McGuire-

      You were the first ever to comment on my “About Me” page!! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about what I’m about. Isn’t it so fun to have a daughter? I remind my mom of how lucky she is everyday : )

  1. To the prettiest lady on earth, I have been very blessed reading your blogs! If you could have one special gift for christmas what would it be? If you could have one special gift for your 21st birthday what would that be? You have a very nice day…

  2. Rachel, what you are doing absolutely pleases God! Please go ahead and never hesitate telling us the youth what it takes to please God! Am believing God for you to reach my nation Uganda too!..in JESUS’ name!! Be Blessed!!

  3. Hey I just want to encourage you! So many times I know as a encourager and as a Seer that a lot of people look to you. I want you to know you are doing an amazing work for the Lord and I love to see your family do what God has called you to do. As well as the encouragement from your parents in my daily walk keep on doing what God has for you and everything you are you are doing for youth. I hope to add to that when the Lord sends me out I have a heart for this next Generation and to do an awesome work to glorify him keep me in Prayer. Ive been praying for you I’ll continue to stand in agreement with you God Bless!~~~~~~~~~Carey

  4. I just wanted to say thank you and I hope to be more like you. You can tell you love God with all your heart. Your blogs are real there not fake and thats what makes them even better. Thank you for taking the time to blog whats on your mind and for caring about others God bless you.

  5. Hi, whats going on is something so DIVINE. Keep it up, pray everyday and read your Bible. I guess you know all this but that’s actually all you need. God loves you and be encourage to do more.

  6. I just read this about you.. Awesome, how you wrote if you are only speaking to that one person.. This is the desire of my heart as well.. God used one person to change the world, and he can raise up someone else to do the same in these endtimes.. And just maybe he will use that one chosen beloved person who has been formed out of the brokenness and transparency through reading your blogs.. Be prepared for more brokenness in your life as you are willing to be transparent about it in helping others.. This whole thing is just a launching pad into your true raw vulnerable and transparent ministry in a program on T.V in helping to deal with raw topics as the Lord leads with teens and those in their twenties and perhaps thirties..

  7. Hi sis, I saw you at Daystar TV this morning…I’m also a born-again christian since 11 yrs.old..im a professional teacher…I do have my masters class in a state univ..here in PHILIPPINES every weekend..I can’t attend sunday service anymore.I used to teach kids sunday school before..I have 2 beautiful nieces and a nephew..what year have you been in our country? What place, Manila? RACHEL, IM STILL single and im praying GOD will give me my ideal woman..im very busy with my work..PRAISE GOD FOR HIS FAIHFULNESS..

  8. Hi Rachel
    Soon we will begin a brand new year. Let’s jump start 2011 with positive vibes and on a good note. Today children have so many challenges, inspire and motivate schools, churches, YMCA’s family, friends galore to join the nationwide Rock It Across America Challenge. Rachel help kick it off in Jan 2011. The challenge is fun, builds good character, self-esteem, confidence, anti-bullying and more while getting fit. There is power in what we say to ourselves. Kids need to know that. FREE Rock It downloads at http://www.rockingitforlife.com Pass this info on. Let’s Rock It!





  9. In 1970 I was baptised in GOD’s Holy Spirit, and in that experience GOD showed Me some things that speak of HIS Baptismal/Anointing which are told of in the Bible. In this Baptismal/Anointing of GOD, HE showed Me HIS Face and Spoke words which sounded allowed to me. The full account is typed and waiting to be told to give all hope that this is for everyone who believes.

  10. It’s about time God has someone like you in His arsenal–Godly and Gorgeous both!!! (Of course you’ve got good genes though, (i.e.) Joni). I appreciate so much all your missionary sacrifices–how humble. To you I say (Song of Sol.4:1)!!!

  11. Greatness I believe is achieved over time and what you are doing is a product of God’s greatness in you and I pray he gives you the grace to do his work well.

  12. Please I don’t want this to be on television ok, but my Grampa got into a bad car wreck and survived, but he had to wear a neck-brace for six weeks just in case my Grampa dies may I please have your cellphone # so that way I can keep in touch with you as often as I can and he scares me because he’s driving a little bit, and I’m afraid that he could get into another car wreck. Just please promise me that you won’t say anything about this on television because I’m still upset about all of this and it will make matters a whole lot worse for me and my family. So please e-mail me back with your answer OK. I don’t have a cellphone OK. PS: please e-mail me your full name and I do mean your full name to me right away ok! One Last think please post the picture that has you in a ponytail on your email so that I know it’s you ok ! Your Friend Cory Schnepp

    1. Cory Schnepp-

      I would first like to say thank you so much for coming to my blog. I hope you were able to learn something new from the posts. To address your comment, I’m so sorry about your grandfather getting in a car accident. I am glad to hear though that he survived and is still with us now.

      I am more than willing to e-mail back and forth with you, but for privacy reasons I don’t give out my phone number. I can understand your concern for your grandpa, that is very sweet that you care enough about him to message me. It show’s a lot about your character and love for your family. I can understand your concern about not wanting him to drive anymore. However, just because bad things happen to us does not mean we need to operate the rest of our lives out of fear. When we first learned to ride our bicycles we fell down many times, but did that keep us from ever trying again? No, we kept getting back up until we learned how to ride.

      So my advice to you would be to not be fearful, but excited to know your grandpa’s life is in the Lord’s hands. He protected him once already didn’t he? That should give you a lot of peace. Maybe another solution would be to sit down with your grandpa and express the dangers of what could happen on the road so he is fully aware. This helpful reminder might cause him to be even more cautious when he is out on the road. Sometimes it’s good to just sit down and talk about the things that bother us. So next time try to just communicate with your family. They love you and I’m sure would be more than willing to listen to your concerns.

      I hope I have been able to offer you some resolution. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get back with you. Keep me updated on what happens. We will be praying for you and your family on this side of things!

  13. Rachel your beautiful inside and out and I love that you started this blog for others to be inspired and have a forum to speak out! I really think that your experience in life and your God giving ability to express your self in helping others be all that they can be is most refreshing and perfect for these days we live in and don’t ever stop what your doing… Thanks Rachel for being you!!! 🙂

    1. Paul-

      Your comment was so refreshing. It’s nice to be reminded of those things sometimes even if we’ve heard them before! Thanks for be so encouraging. We need more people like that out there! I hope you will help me spread the word about my blog so we can reach as many people as we can! Let’s talk : )

    2. I am inspired by the work Rachel is doing! Thanks for proving that God can make all things possible for us when we are obedient, make ourselves available, and become like a child before God! LOVE U WITH THE LOVE OF CHRIST!

    1. Pierre Johnson-

      Thanks so much for checking out the new blog site! I am in total agreement with you, I HOPE this year is the best so far not only for me but for you as well! : )

  14. I’m a grandma of 10 and soon the 11th his arrival birthday 28 of Jan 2011. My question is can I put your blog on my F/B, I would like to introduce you to my oldest grandchildren I know that at times they need to speak to someone there age, they are 23, 20, two 19 older grandchildren, I was inspired by the song you wrote and sang this morning that’s why I’m writing this letter. God bless you and keep you safe Psalm 16:. Sincerely: Jenny

    1. Ojeh Adedotun-

      Thanks so much for the comment! I totally love that your reading ALL the way from Nigeria. I’m curious to know how you came across my blog? Do you a Facebook page? What’s going on over there in Africa? Would love to hear from you! Lets talk : )

  15. Hi Rachel

    I watch Daystar everyday and have always admire your parents I just saw your blog not quite long and have read a lot about you and I really admire and love the way God is using you to minister and bless other people.
    I would love to be your friend I need someone who I can share with please can you help me?

    Stay bless and God bless.

    1. Adejoke Adelaja-

      I’m so glad you found my blog, I hope it can be a blessing to you. Where are you from and how did you come across the blog site? I would love to be your friend. I will try to help you or give you advice the best I can if you need someone to share with. However, I know also that a lot of other people that read my blog would have some great advice to share with you as well. That’s why I built this blog so we could all talk and help each other out! Let us know! Praying for you my friend : )

  16. Hi Rachel,
    I really enjoy watching Daystar everyday and I really love everything about it.
    I have learned a lot from you and your parents.
    I really love the way God is using you as an instrument to affect the lives of people
    around the globe.
    I wanna be your friend. Need you in my life.
    God be with you and stay blessed.

    1. Alfred-

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoy the network, that’s such a blessing. I would love to be your friend! If you have a Facebook you should add my blog page and we can chat there! Be Blessed!

  17. Hi Rachel,
    You are used amazingly in the kingdom of our almighty God. You are a very mature young lady and very talented. Only one thing I would like to advise you that you will wear modest clothing, so that you will be a witness for the Lord in your appearance also. love you Suja.

  18. Um…yeah we are almost polar opposites, I’m scared of heights, but I know of a good skydiving place out here in CO. Let me know I could look it up, unless you want to. Anyway, I do love history so we have one thing in common. I watch your mom and pop all the time every day and I saw that (for lack of a better word) advertisment on DAYSTAR. Anyway, that’s how I heard about it. Peace. Oh, and I love it…the blog…please stay with it.

  19. So Rachel are you Marcus and Joni Lambs daughter? I loved the song “Give it all away.” It inspired me to right more gospel songs. Here’s one for Daystar as an appreciation:

    God word are the truth words
    And there no one like him that I’ve heard
    He is the perfect one instead
    But you can also be perfect in his word

    And only him can bring you life
    And with him you will never strive
    And he is wonderful again
    And you and I know he can’t sin

    His name is beautiful
    I wanna say it again
    Say it with me
    I love you
    Come live with me
    Father rescue me
    God my Lord
    I love you

    I made it from a pinch so I’m still editing but I wanna hear your opinion. Oh and I will like to join Daystar. Thank you
    Talk to you tomorrow

  20. Hi Rachel, I think it”s fantastic that you talk about life in general. At least it shows that Christians aren’t perfect and that we also make mistakes. Your genuine conversations on your blog helps me move on with life. You are an inspiration to us the youth. May God give you more insight on what to share with us. All the best.

  21. Rachel,
    I saw your commercial on Daystar filmed at the Shops at Legacy where I used to live and just decided to look up your blog. All I want to say is that God has some great things in store for you and to guard His plans with your life. The enemy wants to come in and draw you away through boys, and other appealing things in this world. Be careful to stay encouraged in your intimacy search with Jesus. I say this because you remind me A Lot of me just a short time ago and I got married out of a desire to be loved and start a family, but God’s annointing wasn’t on it, but it looked as though it was and now I’m paying for it in the devil’s playground. Also, I wanted to tell you about the House of Zerubbabel in Dallas if that’s where you reside… the website is http://www.hozdallas.org This is one of the most amazing ministries in the country to me. It is similar to Ihop in Kansas City. Blessings!
    James Worrell

  22. In the name God,most gracious, most merciful
    Hello Rachel,
    I saw you on daystar for the first time,as you traveled to India,it really impressed me!
    I am a weird believer, I mean while I have no specific religion I approve all of those which are related to God. Yes, this is some sort of paradox! I believe all prophets had come to say one thing and none of them rejected the previous one and of course approved him. So I also approve them.
    As a detailed view of my personal life, I am a college student,studying mechanical engineering in Iran following your shows on daystar.
    After all I appreciate and thank you for attributing your worthy time to my reply.
    I sincerely ask God to give you the best. I love you as my sister,Rachel.Good luck!
    Best wishes for you,
    Farzam Nejadnasrollah

  23. I am so glad to know what you are doing to help others, I am in Angola, Africa and I watch Daystar regularly. I am also blessed for what your parents are doing.
    May God bless you and your family.

  24. Thank you for helping people by sharing your personal experiences through writing. Revelation 12:11 says that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. The sharing of our testimony gives glory to God because it shows His faithfulness and love toward those who put their trust in Him.

  25. Your blog, as well as your entire Daystar family, encourage me! I will be spuring my two twin 4yr daughters on to your good, healthy, God fearing and righteous attitude. Stay beautiful inside and out.

  26. Most Christians understand the principles of good nutrition that govern the health of the body, but many fail to understand the principles that nourish the spirit. God’s Word and prayer are food for the spirit and soul, and we need that food every bit as much as we need physical food. If we eat daily to nourish our bodies, we should have daily nourishment for our spirits and souls as well.

    Everyone who knows God should set aside a specific time every day to spend alone with Him. This should be a time to read and meditate on the Word of God, to recite and claim His promises, to talk to Him, and to listen to Him. We must let His Word become a part of us so that we begin to think and act like Jesus. It should be a time to cleanse the heart of sins and to receive God’s forgiveness. Continuous forgiveness and fellowship with the Father are the keys to spiritual stability. That’s how we grow.

    Once we have a solid relationship with the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, we can begin to reach out to others, to be His hand extended to the world. As we reach out to others, we will find Jesus being more actively manifested in our lives, and we will begin to grow personally and be more stable in the Lord.

    Finally, Christians need to get together with other Christians. Christianity is a communal religion. It is necessary to have the support and encouragement of other Christians. We must share with them, encourage them, and be encouraged by them. If we do that, we will grow together in the things of the Lord.

  27. Finally, Christians need to get together with other Christians. Christianity is a communal religion. It is necessary to have the support and encouragement of other Christians. We must share with them, encourage them, and be encouraged by them. If we do that, we will grow together in the things of the Lord.

  28. Thanks for what you are doing. There is a lot of people admire what you are doing, but they can’t do, because this is gift from GOD. Keep on and on and on Rachel, and GOD is going to lift you more, more, more. Amen

  29. Dear Rachel,
    I have just read some of the things that were here in your blog. It has just refreshed my faith and committment to the Lord. You are so young and it’s amazing to see your deep insights into Christian view of life. May God bless you abundantly.
    Pastor Stanley

  30. Hello Rachel, I am your new friend form Kolkata,India….being a Christian I am proud to have you as a friend who is doing Gods work. It’s great, really our Lord is Great; peoples of India need Him much more than any one….here in Kolkata thousands are in darkness. They have no God as a loving one, but blind faith, idolitary, necromancy, rituals and over all corrupt so called ‘god-man’. Can you do something………suggest me some ideas…..I am trying to bring more people to CHRIST our LORD….There are many converts……still a long way to go…………do reply …I am waiting.

  31. Lord´s Peace to you and your family! As I could see …you´ve visited many places around the world but you haven´t come to Brazil yet. This is s very nice country which is very similar to Australia in terms of weather conditions and people´s hospitality. It´s quite nice to see such a young girl like you doing something really important. While many others of your age are taking drugs, robbing and doing so many wrong things around the world.
    May GOD bless you with your dreams and actions towards those who haven´t known JESUS yet!
    If one day you decide to come to our country Brazil, It´ll be a pleasure to show you around our church. I am a member of Assembly of GOD, here in Curitiba,parana, Brazil.

  32. Rachel,
    How are you? This is the 1st time I logged in to your blog….it’s really interesting….hope you’ll come up wth new things which will help….and make us happy…

  33. Dear Rachel,

    You don’t know me at all but you’re such an inspiration to me. I have to say that just looking at a picture of you, I can see God in you and how much He has blessed you. Im an 18 year old girl from New York city and I have very much given my life to the Lord Jesus. I actually came across DayStar by accident and I have loved it ever since. Your parents are great! Please send my regards. I love DayStar and when I saw the commercial about you and you spoke about your blog I just knew I had to check it out because something about you caught my attenion and ever since, I’ve kind of looked up to you. It’s a blessing to be able to write to you right now! I pray for you and I always ask God to continue giving you insight and wisdom to share with us and for you to grow more spiritually everyday so that you may remain in the faith and as the truly inspiring woman of God you are :’) The glory of God is truly upon you! That’s all I can say. God bless you abundantly Rachel, and I hope in some wierd way, we can be friends, even if it is through your blog 🙂

    In faith,

  34. Rachel, you are a mighty young woman of God. You have a gift and a talent to reach young people. Thank you for using your gifts !! You are Blessed and Highly Favored of God!! What are your plans after College?

  35. I believe that you’re not only doing this to help the young teens but us as adults also. You are a true blessing from God and His light is shining through you into our lives. I absolutely love your mom and dad. They are truly an inspiration as well to me. My life has been such a struggle lately and was at my end until I read these blogs. I would love to talk to your mom if there was a way. Thank you so much and God Bless You.

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