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Easy Come, Easy Go

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Things unravel, they fall apart, and many times don’t go the way we planned. The truth is, it’s inevitable and no matter how hard we try to get around the bad times, they always come. When they do, our immediate response is to want to fix them. We analyze, diagnose, question and wonder how we can make our wrongs right. We want to talk it out so hopefully we can work it out.I have come to realize though, that when we try so hard at turning around those unpleasant situations they only seem to get worse. So what do we do?

My suggestion isn’t to ignore everything entirely, but maybe just keep it simple. If you’ve done something wrong apologize, no ifs or buts, just “I’m sorry”. If someone has wronged you, forgive them and move on. All the questions of why and how we want answered so badly become the sacrifice we make, because what do they matter anyway?

As the details blur and time passes away, we become okay again. I have found that some of the most complicated things we deal with can become so easy this way. It’s just as simple as that.

The Waiting Game

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If the saying rings true, “All good things come to those who wait,” why is that we have such a hard time being patient? Our society is routinely looking to make things quicker, more convenient, or even faster if it means that it gives them some extra time. From drive-thru coffee houses to drop off pharmacies our culture has become crazed with impatience.

Even as my generation has cultivated and developed accordingly, why does it seem like we aren’t getting where we want fast enough? We spend our whole lives waiting to be at the next turn in the road. We can’t wait to start driving, we can’t wait to graduate high school, we can’t wait to finish college; then it’s our careers, waiting to begin a family, and then counting down the days to retirement. We spend our lives waiting and waiting.

I have to wonder though, if we spend so much time and waste so much emotion trying to get ahead, have we ever really lived our lives or rather just been waiting around for life to happen? My suggestion would be to enjoy yourself where you’re at, because just because tomorrow doesn’t seem to arrive fast enough, it still always comes.

Small Voice: For the Save

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Sometimes nothing dramatic or crazy has to happen in order for you to realize that something isn’t right. It’s not screaming nor is it overwhelming but rather that subtle consistent feeling somewhere inside of us that says, “No”.

I have to think that most can relate to what I’m talking about because it’s something we deal with on all levels from the most insignificant to even the grandest of scales.  It’s that feeling we all look back on and wonder how things could have been different if we would have only obeyed its direction. I once heard a quote that I’ll never forget, “The good is the biggest enemy to the best”.  A lot of the times we think that doing things our way will lead us to the things we want and the happiness we desire. I have found though, that even when that feeling doesn’t make sense it’s the very thing that could have saved us. It’s the life jacket we refuse to wear, the stop sign we choose to ignore, and the door we refuse to close.

If any insight could be given, it would be to stop pushing aside that feeling, even when it might look good.  Why sacrifice what could be the best?