Easy Come, Easy Go

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Things unravel, they fall apart, and many times don’t go the way we planned. The truth is, it’s inevitable and no matter how hard we try to get around the bad times, they always come. When they do, our immediate response is to want to fix them. We analyze, diagnose, question and wonder how we can make our wrongs right. We want to talk it out so hopefully we can work it out.I have come to realize though, that when we try so hard at turning around those unpleasant situations they only seem to get worse. So what do we do?

My suggestion isn’t to ignore everything entirely, but maybe just keep it simple. If you’ve done something wrong apologize, no ifs or buts, just “I’m sorry”. If someone has wronged you, forgive them and move on. All the questions of why and how we want answered so badly become the sacrifice we make, because what do they matter anyway?

As the details blur and time passes away, we become okay again. I have found that some of the most complicated things we deal with can become so easy this way. It’s just as simple as that.

19 thoughts on “Easy Come, Easy Go”

  1. I have been marry 7 years with 2 toddlers. My husband has a 17 year old. He is never wrong. Yes he and his friends needs are always placed before mine. They never say hi nor bye. He stands up for them all the time. He never once defended me, and they know that, because he does it infront of them. I have forgiven them even though the emotion needs to catch up and will. However, where my husband is concern i don’t want him. I release him to be a father to his son to defend him and his friends. I told him I may not agree with the way he stand up for his son but I have to respect it and so I want him to respect my decision, which is we are over. We live in the same house but thats just it. We are separated. I even apologized to them, father and son, because I want to be in right standing with God. I started standing up for me and that never works. Now I am letting God fight for me, positioning myself for the blessing of God. I don’t want to be out of God’s will but i don’t want my husband not divorcing just not together. I really want to love those people. I want god’s will to be mine. At the same time i don’t ever want a husband and wife relationship. Open for discussion.

  2. Very true. Most of the times the party that offends us moves on and they’re completly unscathed by what happened. We’re the ones that unless we let go of the offense will walk around with a wound that just won’t heal. Just forgive…put it in God’s Hands and go out and live.

  3. Well said, Rachel! God is so the answer to a simple life. Definately a lot of wisdom in this line-“My suggestion isn’t to ignore everything entirely, but maybe just keep it simple.”

  4. Rachel, I think you are absolutely right. It’s been my experience that along the path to our goals, there will be obstacles we will not forsee. Even if we could, some of these obstacles would be impossible to avoid. I guess we have to let go and let God!

  5. well said – it’s as simple as breathing… inhale the goodness and exhale the negative–just keep breathing… for God is Life and Love Himself and He’s got a plan “always”…

  6. I agree Rachel, the in-between time can be very trying. I, in fact am finding myself losing myself in this wilderness…more to come later!

  7. Rachel I think your words in your blogs are great – I don’t feel confident that you wrote them and that you may be a “poster face” for daystar… How could you convince me otherwise??? I don’t think that’s possible, but thanks for trying.

    1. Carrie Anne-
      That’s quite the compliment you gave me. I can assure you I write all my blogs : ) Thanks for reading!

  8. After reading your Blog and the comments I am pretty sure that you have helped me with a realationship problem I am going thru right now, Thank you all for being here

  9. yea I agree that is very well put and very simple question I’m requesting that you keep me in your prayers because im going through this sexual awakening and I really dont know how to deal with it please pray for me

  10. Welcome to the world of blogging. its beautiful isn’t it? Yours looks cute, Rach. It fits you perfect. Thought about you a lot this summer and seriosuly one of my biggest regrets is that I never asked ya to coffee to hear how life is. I prayed for you a few times and hope that you are continuing to look more and more like our Creator as you walk with Him by grace intimately thru faith. That as you are seeking Him, He may be continuing to invade every area of your life with HIs love and beauty.

    Thanks for sharing yoru thoughts. I’m in a conflict managmenet class this semester and it has helped me understand anger, forgivenss and peacemaking better. Some of my favorite things I’ve learned is that we really have to be honest wiht one another (with love of course) and confront situations… we have to be careful not to let tension or anger build inwardly because that only severs a relationship with someone. I think another thing is that forgiveness takes time. Sometimes we try to drop something so quickly we really haven’t allowed God to help us sort thru the emotion or anger we might still be harboring. Only with God can I forgive or be led to forgive. Thank goodness He helps me in that. I love that I can only forgive because I am forgiven by Him my Redeemer and Maker. His grace goes so much deeper than we know.

  11. Love this and I really needed to hear that right now. Its something that is so hard to deal with, but if we don’t let go of the things that have happened to us then we will never move forward! Thanks Rach, it helped a lot!

  12. Thanks just been back and seen the comments “just let go” Well I have been soaking in the word and just having God fix me. Yes, my focus is now on me. I decided it’s God’s business to take care of me,take away the anger and other stuff that blocks the channel of God flowing through me. God’s developing my character right now. I decide to put God on the throne and take self off. It’s his job to make sure people treat me right not mine. Thanks guys.

  13. My grandma always said…”In life there is poop. If you stir it up it will stink more, if you leave it alone it will dry up and blow away.”
    “walk away from the poop.” lesson learned!

  14. Yes this is absolutely true..its one of the lessons Lord made me learn during last month..Lord asked me to bless the people who have wronged ,insulted,or spitefully used me and just move on..at first it was hard to let go..coz our sinful nature will try to make all those grudge come back even wen we simply share it to others,or keep on thinking abt it,or feeling miserable with yourself..all this keep one stagnant in the spiritual growth which devil wants to the core…so be careful with these kinda age-old tricks of devil…let ur tongue proclaim only blessings..lets us leave the judgement seat to Lord Jesus and jus move ahead on our spiritual walk with the Lord..

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