Seeing is Believing

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We assign value to a lot of things in our lives. Whether it’s the actual presence of tangible possessions like a car and phone, or even those things we can’t see, touch or feel like friendships and education – they all are worth something to us!

Why is it though when we look at ourselves, we can’t always see our value? A growing trend has exploded among young people today, looking to others to determine their sense of worth. So many people get caught up in these relationships, where they let the other person treat them bad.  It’s almost like they can’t see that they deserve better. The all so infamous words come to mind, “But I can’t help how I feel; I love him/her.” It’s true, sometimes you don’t have much control on how you feel, but you most certainly have control of your actions and how you respond to someone.

To me, when someone stays in a relationship with someone that doesn’t treat them right, it shows a lot about how they see themselves. Often times, we get so caught up in the moment that we fail to remember we get plenty more shots at finding that right person. While the idea of letting go and walking away might seem unbearable, you shouldn’t let people treat you below what you’re worth, because if you can’t recognize your value no one else will either.
Seeing Is Believing

Footprints on the Moon

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We all have dreams and aspirations for ourselves. Since we were little we have imagined how our lives would turn out. We planned where we wanted to go, what we wanted to do, and even the houses we wanted to live in. Nothing was ever too big for us and nothing too far out of reach. When we were young our world was not bound, but rather filled with endless opportunities to get where we wanted to go. As we got older though, we realized even more the reality of those dreams. To some they became all but a distance memory and the thought of attaining those “big things” no longer seemed possible. However, for others, their world only got bigger, never losing sight of the dreams for their lives.

I have found though, that people don’t like to see you succeed. No matter what you do there always seems to be that person in the background telling you how you won’t make it. Slowly but surely peoples negativity has a way of getting inside your head. It’s like a plague that eats away your ambition until you’re not so sure you can keep up the fight. You run the race, but loose speed.

Tell me why we let ourselves get to this point? When did we ever get anywhere by listening to what other people had to say about us? To me nothing is ever too big and nothing is ever unattainable. Our dreams are all we have sometimes and without them we lose sight of our purpose. So next time someone tells you that your dreams are too big, just remember how small theirs are and never give up in pursing everything you’ve always wanted to do.

In Memory of Cartier White:
Cartier White was a guy unlike most you will meet. Someone that was never afraid to dream big. He had this unrelenting passion that captured everyone around him. He always encouraged me in the things I wanted to do, even when people around me sometimes thought those things were too farfetched. I loved him for his heart to go after the things he wanted, but most importantly that he never let people’s opinions stop him from chasing his dreams. So, I wanted to dedicate this post to him. Even though he is no longer with us, I will never forget his constant friendship of love and support or his belief in me that meant more then he will ever know.

Walls Give Way

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I have found that our generation demands transparency, authentic people that are what they say they are. When it comes down to it, we want to know what people are saying lines up with what they are actually doing. That raw distinction of reality has captured us to no longer just take things at face value. We are digging deeper, searching further, and wanting to see beyond the surface.

So why is it that when we do let the walls come down, people suddenly change? Is it information overload? It’s interesting to see how people respond when we actually let them into our worlds. Some embrace you while others aren’t so excited about hearing what you have to say. We want so badly to see who people really are, but I believe we get disappointed when they aren’t everything we hoped they would be.

We have to be careful about what we ask for, because when it stares us straight in the face, the only option we really have is to stare it right back. It’s what I like to call “face to face with reality.” Sometimes though, we get caught up in creating this “illusionary world” we want to live in, instead of realizing what’s truly there. It’s this notion we develop inside our minds of how we want things to be before they come to fruition, if they even ever do at all. Then when things don’t play out like we had imagined, the resulting emotions become difficult to handle. It’s important that we be real. But be wary of who you let in, because when you do that vulnerability can show you just how transitory life can become.

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