A Poison Chalice

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It engulfs your every waking minute, consumes your thoughts, and even has the ability to control all you do – a destructive root that is watered and tended for by a heart we have let become hard. We think we can handle it, until eventually it destroys all that we hold dear. We wake up one day and wonder how we got where we are, because where we were seems all but a distant memory.

Unforgiveness becomes our self made justice, paying us what we feel due. We think we are punishing the ones that have hurt us, but quickly come to realize it is in fact us we have locked away. I have learned that while forgiving someone sometimes feels like the impossible thing to do, it’s the only sure way to be set free from the pain you feel. No one ever said loving someone would be easy, but it’s love that can erode the strongest of chains. Remember we all make mistakes, and ultimately the choice is ours on whether to love or to forgive.

However it’s the grace we choose to bestow to others that might be the same grace we one day will need to receive.

The Promise

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I once thought that the world would be a better place if we didn’t have to go through so many hard times. So often it feels like as soon as you conquer one battle the next one is already waging to tear you down.  With such encounters come much emotion and even more heartache. We maneuver through the web of disaster, but so many times get caught in the tragedy.

Fighting through things this way gets difficult as we get tied down by the weight of our own inability to let go. I have learned that amidst the hardest of times the easiest way to get through them is to stop looking behind because we lose sight of the opportunities ahead.  Even though the world of no hardships sounds euphoric, I don’t think we could ever really appreciate the rainbow if there was no storm.

Through every difficulty we face, we have to remember that God makes beauty from ashes.

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