Small Voice: For the Save

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Sometimes nothing dramatic or crazy has to happen in order for you to realize that something isn’t right. It’s not screaming nor is it overwhelming but rather that subtle consistent feeling somewhere inside of us that says, “No”.

I have to think that most can relate to what I’m talking about because it’s something we deal with on all levels from the most insignificant to even the grandest of scales.  It’s that feeling we all look back on and wonder how things could have been different if we would have only obeyed its direction. I once heard a quote that I’ll never forget, “The good is the biggest enemy to the best”.  A lot of the times we think that doing things our way will lead us to the things we want and the happiness we desire. I have found though, that even when that feeling doesn’t make sense it’s the very thing that could have saved us. It’s the life jacket we refuse to wear, the stop sign we choose to ignore, and the door we refuse to close.

If any insight could be given, it would be to stop pushing aside that feeling, even when it might look good.  Why sacrifice what could be the best?

52 thoughts on “Small Voice: For the Save”

  1. One of the easiest things in the world to do is relax when things are “going good,” it is in the midst of your good fortune when I believe that one has to press even harder into the things of God.

  2. many times our choices based on that inside voice do not make any sense. But later on we see the big picture and the reasoning behind every move that God made us do
    oh btw “The good is the biggest enemy to the best” is my new fav quote

  3. Rachel ,
    I have a son who will be 20 on feb. 6. He has cerebral palsy. He’s never walked never crawled. He’s nearly died well over 20 times and has endured 5 surgeries. One of the surgeries nearly took his life 3 times not to mention He’s a Make A Wish Kid.
    A kid who wasn’t expected to live past 18 years of age.
    I have a husband who has had two heart attacks and vehicle sccidents that should have taken his life but God said “NO” . I have a daughter who have struggled with ADHD depression ,axiety and more. I can go on… I can say we have truly had it ruff Life ; but instead of complaining I have chosen to smile and say, We have a awesome God. In my tears and trials and tribulations I have heard the warnings which saved my Son’s, Husband’,s and daughters lives.
    I have felt the fear of knowing that my Family could die at any time. I personally have said in my heart. Life is what I make it.
    The good you speak of can save your life or someone else .
    I use to think if I gave it my all and got a job outside the home our lives would be better, little did I know what we where going to endure.
    God later revealed to me that if I would have walked the path I wanted . I would have not been around to help save my families lives ..
    My son’s apnea episodes would have killed him . If I would have not been at home I would have not been there when my husband had his heart attacks, If I would have not been at home I would have not been there to walk my daughters through their tradgedies .
    So am I disappointed, What I thought was best for me did not come to pass?

    Absolutley not.
    I am glad I chose to be an advocate Mom and stay at home because I learned that as you say…
    What I thought was the best was just a distraction. I aloud him to choose for me and it saved my families life.
    I aloud God to choose my mate for me and he showed up when I at least expected it.
    I dont regret one thing in life we did .And all though we are not the richest in material we are the riches in Spirit because of the Father /Son and Holy Spirit.
    My husband and I have been together 22 years. And I love him more today than I did when I first met him.
    Why? Because I trusted God after I gave him a list of what I wanted in a husband and i tell you the truth .. I got what I asked for in ever area of my hubbies life.
    Our tradgedies have been many but I still trust our Lord to this day; even after all the tradgedy I mentions and that was just some.. there is more .. But as Long as I serve Jesus Christ our Lord .. I call it all good …:o) I have gained a peace that passes all understanding.
    Rest in him and know he loves you…

    Eldalee Cook
    Advocate Mom

    1. Eldalee-
      All that comes to mind when I was reading your story was, “WOW”! It sounds like you sure have had an interesting journey throughout your life so far. It’s neat though to see you look back now that you are older and realize what I’m talking about in my blog. If you would have done things your way, you might not have been there for your family when they really needed you the most. Your testimony is just even more example of what I’m talking about. Sometimes following that “small voice” inside of us doesn’t make since at the time, but looking back it always comes full circle. Thank you for sharing your story. Your family must be proud to have such a dedicated mother and wife. Keep up the good work : )

  4. I enjoyed your blog Rachel. You made some powerful points. I thought about many situations in my own life when where I was at was “good”, really no reason to change it, and all of the “what-if’s” that flooded my soul when God asked me to step out of my “good” so to speak into the unknown. It’s hard when you know it’s good where you are and you’re not certain of how it will be where you’re going. The easy way would be to stay in the “good” zone, or the comfort zone, but just like you said in your blog, we would be sacrificing what could be “best”!

  5. That would be Holy Spirit and we all have ingnored that voice sometimes.We are blessed to have mercy on our side.So proud of you Rachel!Thanks for reminding us all to heed the voice that loves us so much and gently leads us the right way:)


    1. Sharon, please call 800-329-0029 and ask for prayer to have God come into your life. You are God’s child and He loves you. He will never leave you and never forsake you. He’s here for us all 24/7. Make the call and give your burdens to the Lord. It’s one step at a time sweetheart. You have a purpose in this life and He will lead you to it. I love you and God Bless you…

    2. If you typically don’t watch christian TV you should make it a point to. God created the heavens and the earth along with you and I. If you haven’t accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and savior you should. Grab a bible and start reading. When you seek God you will definitely find him. Bless you and I hope this helps.

  7. Your spirit is so refreshing… Thank you for reminding us of the Holy Spirit and for capturing the daily struggles we all deal with. I remember hearing that quote with you this summer, that good is the worst enemy of best, and how it reminded us all to not settle for the good in front of us but to press on towards the best that God has for us. Keep it up Rach, love you.

  8. Rach — I tried to commment from my phone, but of course it wouldn’t let me. I’m pretty sure this blog was posted just for me. The Lord has been using so many things/people to get me to see this. Thanks for sharing it. I love and miss you so very much!

  9. Hey girl, you are such a talented writer…loved your song “The Journey”.
    When I get the chance to sing it in my ministry times I’m gonna change one line though. It’s the last line that says “when I can’t understand you guide me by your plans”…I’m gonna sing it as “now I understand the footprints in the sand…you carried me Jesus…my life is in your hands~~~~~”
    Keep up the inspired writing!!!

  10. Courtney I’m so glad my blog was able to encourage you! Sometimes we get so worked up over difficult decisions, when they really don’t have to be difficult at all if we would just stop and listen to that small voice. I know the Lord will show you what he wants you to do! Love you

  11. This is so good, and so true! It happens too often, when we know something isn’t right…but we choose to ignore it until it’s so clear that we have no choice but to listen. Thanks girl, I really needed to hear this! 🙂

  12. Thats so true. I love that quote “The good is the biggest enemy to the best”. Sometimes the enemy will throw “good” at us and distract us from God’s best in life. But we cant settle for medeocrity, we have to strive for God’s best in every area of our lives. I have found in life if you are busy about taking care of God’s harvest, he will take care of yours!!!

  13. Hey Rachel! I read your post…I agree! I’m watching Celebration right now here in S.C. Your mom and dad told everyone about your blog. Your dad said to go to your blog,read it and say “hello”. So…”HELLO” and God bless you as you write future post. I pray your blog will touch,heal and inspire all who read it. 🙂

  14. The quote you share “The good is the biggest enemy to the best” – can you shed some light on what that means. If it is a quote that you will never forget, then I feel there is something within it that I am not grasping. Thank you.

    1. Without speaking for Rachel,
      Our good is always flawed because the best is an ideal that is above our natural capacity to conceive. After all, “we are only human”. Following our “good” will, we create a deceptively functional mode of “getting by” while fooling ourselves into thinking we are in God’s will.
      The good is an enemy to the best because to step aside our “good” will and follow the still small voice of the Holy Spirit takes a self-sacrificial surrender that is against our human nature.

  15. As I was watching Celebration this morning your father was asking for his viewer’s to go to your blog and say hi per his request. so here I am saying hi! God has blessed you in so many ways and because of that you are blessing so many young kids today. I am 56 yrs and came to believe later in life. I have a daughter who is 25 yrs and is on the fence. I will never give up on believing that God will draw her into his Kingdom just as he has done for me. Thank you for your faithfullness. God be with you and bring you peace and courage!

  16. Thanks Rachel, I needed that, especially about doors we need to close in our lives and weights we need to let go of.Hey I was just watching Celebration and was inspired to check out your blog.Love you guys!!!

  17. I believe you could not have put that in more better words than anyone I have ever known. I agree very strongly with your blog, even to the fact about the stop sign we choose to ignore or the door we refuse to open. A lot of people need to hear that an I really hope that it hit’s that person wide open…. Thanks an keep up the awesome blogs

  18. You are right about closing doors in our lives I also say we need to let go of the type of crowd we encounter too… Cause God has a Destiny for us and we as Christians need to be focus on the path God has provided,cause I know I have got side tracked before I said this is it, I was tried of postponing my Blessings…. Now Im encouraging others to do the same just like you. Excellent Job you are doing…. Lining up with the “Will of God” is and EXCELLENT FEELING!!!!!!!

  19. Hi Rachel
    Your dad said to say hi on your Blog today, Hi from Hershey Pa. and may God bless you and be with you as you go through the college years. I love to watch Daystar

  20. Rachel,
    I watch Celebration every day and your parents were talking about your blog. I love Daystar. I would love to meet you and your family and the daystar singers.

  21. You know it´s wonderful what you all doing. Well I am writing from Mozambique a Southern Africa Country and lately God sent me back into this land where multinational companies started to increase their attention to invest mostly in huge industrial and mining projects, this because I am a industrial manager and a see that there is a huge difference from the time I left and now this land is calling for God and He is constantly telling me to start a revival movement here. And also part of this I am starting a local television network that the Lord told me to call it Crista Network. I am also willing to broadcast Daystar here(if you authorize) ´cause there people that cant afford a decoder to watch satellite tv. Well its all for now we are watching Daystar all the time down here! Please pray for me too!
    Thank you for your Ministry witch is helping us to grow spiritually, keep it there you´re making a huge difference here.

  22. Hi Rachel – yeah, agreed about the small things – strange when something’s not right. I read today though that God says we are clothed with strength and dignity, which is way cool! So I just wanted to say HI since I heard your folks talk about your blog on Celebration today – so HELLO all the way from South Africa and I think it’s super how you encourage folk with humor and insight.

  23. Hi Rachel!
    Dont forget it is written by the stripes on Jesus we are HEALED,
    He himself(Jesus) TOOK all our infairmities on the cross, so we can leave in health.
    God is d Greatest physician,and he says he will neva leave us nor forsake us, so he is with u
    right where you are.Recieve your healing, be of good cheer you are healed in Jesus name… Amen

  24. If we chase after the best thing we can possibly imagine, it probably isn’t of God, because He does exceeding abundantly above all we could ever ask or think. Thanks Rachel. Good post.

  25. “The good is the biggest enemy to the best”…Nice one! I believe that God always has the best for us in every decision we have to make in our lives, whether it be in studies, work, relationships, business, family relations, interpersonal relations etc.. He has an opinion about everything and it always is the best!! It would be sheer stupidity to ignore His advice and go with what the world has to say about a situation.
    The catch is, hearing His voice.I am still learning to tune in to that Still, Small Voice.I know about it because there was a time I used to listen to Him often. Before I slipped.
    It’s not easy, I am struggling right now as I have received an ultimatum concerning the situation I am asking God to change. I am scared because I know this is the exact time when His voice needs to be loud and clear, and I just can’t seem to hear anything! It looks like I’m going to miss Him because I can’t hear Him!
    One thing I know, it’s very simple, Jesus never fails!!! I will be alright…
    LOL, this is definitely the darkest period of my life I have ever experienced till now.
    I know there will be even darker periods, but I know that because of this test I will be stronger to face the next and so on until That Day when I see my Saviour’s face.
    Then I’ll know it is perfect, it is finished when it is just beginning!!!

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