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Everyone has an opinion, which means everyone has something to say. Even when we all might see, hear, and do the same things, we each have our own lenses, filters, and motivations. Regardless, the point is no matter what it might be, we all have our own perceptions of how we identify with the world and one another.

However, it seems to me that more times than not, the only time we speak our mind is when we are not satisfied. Almost never do we share our opinions when we are content. It is that we are only propelled to action when we are stirred by conflicting beliefs? Sometimes I think we speak and act to defend, but at what point are we just being negative?

I’ve learned over the years no matter how much you do for people, no matter the level of success you reach, and no matter how genuine you try to be, people are always going to find ways to pick you apart. While the negativity speaks through megaphones, the positive lays dormant, content in the silence of the multitudes. If we could only learn to speak when we were happy with things, how much different of a picture would be painted?

10 thoughts on “Speak Now”

  1. very interesting point. “and no matter how genuine you try to be, people are always going to find ways to pick you apart.” This reminds me of a fact I heard that says 10% of the world will always hate you. I feel like Everyone has played apart in fault finding but when someone finds fault with us, we get defensive. We (positive people) have to make sure we aren’t apart of a 10%.

  2. How do I deal with the pressure of being a new mom, and a wife with a husband who bearly helps with our blessed boundle of joy who is now one and a half months old?
    I Am totally stressed out…I ask for help, and I have even fussed for help. When my FMLA is over I back at work 70hrs a week, Im back to my regular church duties. Like leading praise and worship, and our youth ministry, and back to school as well. Im wondering will I be able to handle all of this, and raising my son on my own…because my husband seems to be out for himself these days.

  3. Yes, I believe it is important to express our love and appreciation to those around us continually in what we say and what we do. This is what Jesus said, to love our neighbor as ourselves and to speak the truth in love. Even when we are to correcting someone, we should speak to them out of love. In the world, this is not so but through Jesus, we overcome the world. We are the example to the lost world as God’s children. The Lord has and is continually changing me in this area.

  4. That certainly confirms the fact that God in His own wisdom made our inclinations to be different for purposes known best to Him which i believe in turn is best for our quest to make the world a little bit like Heaven. They all have their place in bringing out the best in us.

  5. i think people do not speak their minds a lot of times due to fear of rejection and they do not want people to percieve them as not part of the group.we should all realize that we are individuals and we are not supposed to think alike.we should embrace our differences.

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