The Catalyst of Change

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Millions swear by it and even more can only hope to find it someday. More songs have been written about it, many books have tried to describe it, and reality shows have been built around it – a verb that has become so elusive that believing in it takes only the strongest of people. It breaks down and builds up the very fabric of humanity. Love, the most special experience we are only so lucky to encounter, seems so far away these days.

We live in a world where we care more about how we can make our own self happy than anyone else. Everyday people go hungry, people feel alone, people are abused, and people are betrayed.  So when did the one thing that is free to give become so pricey? While it has been tarnished by our own greed, it is the only thing that has the power to change people’s lives. Even the most hopeless situations are no match to its ability to bring things around.

I truly believe we all have a duty to practice love.  It’s not about figuring out whether someone deserves it or not, because we were first loved – even though we were not worthy. Sometimes we get confused on our roles, and instead find ourselves passing judgments on others. However, we have no authority because there is only one capable of striking the court mallet. We are only to love just as we too have been loved, and when we do the world can’t stay the same anymore.

17 thoughts on “The Catalyst of Change”

  1. Bullseye! Great title too. A better economy is not the answer to the world’s woes. How many rich people have taken their own lives because they felt that they were not loved for who they were?

    Love is the answer to all the world’s woes. Love is not love if it’s not sacrificial. Love says: “You first.” The bible says that God so LOVED the world (not God so PITIED the world) that He gave His only Son. Pity can only bring you so far but love will bring you to the end of yourself and not regret it.

    The LORD did leave us with the reminder in John 13:35 that the world will know that we are His disciples by our love.

  2. I am understanding love more, and more each day. This is because I’ve finally learned in 47 years that to be loved we must love each other!!! God’s love is unconditionally the best to me. By living through His love. He loved us first and also sent his only son to us to show us what love can truly be. A non-christain can not understand in his mind and soul just how this can come about so he or she gives up and breaks many hearts. I feel so sorry for these people that are in the darkest places on earth.

  3. Rachel~

    Great post girl. I seriously hope that it lights a fire for people to set out each day looking for someone to love.

    What I have found is that reaching out to love someone else at first may seem like a good thing that you are doing for someone else but after doing it for a while you notice that sure you may touch their lives but your life is touched even more. This is true whether it be by the person that you showed love to or by God rewarding for a faithful action and reaction to the guidance of His spirit.

    Proverbs 18:24 says “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.”

    If people are looking for love all they have to do is go out and give love. Not love expecting something back but love that is pure and expecting absolutely nothing back. The “love” we see on television is tainted perverse in many ways.

    I am with you about loving people even when they are not where we believe that they should be or in fact where the Bible says they should be.

    Thanks again for the thought provoking and inspiring posts Rachel. Keep using your voice err…. typing fingers? hehe for God! <3

  4. Thanks you so much for an inspiring blog. It has just taught me a lesson, simple becasue I am in a situation right now that could really relate to your message..

    Hoping to read more message from you. Thanks!

  5. This is my first time to visit the blog and had the privilege to go through a couple of your blogs and comments. Several things have really encouraged me, the first is the wisdom shared to the people of God, the courage and desire to share it and your attitude toward the people who read and comment on your blog. In the little time I have surfed through it, I have realized you actually take time to read and respond to comments. Keep it up.

    Love, one of the most misused and misinterpreted words and duty. Perfect love casts away all fear. It is our duty to love and a command to love others so as the Christ we profess and we love be seen by all. Our love for God is proven by our love for men. You have put it well, God bless you for sharing. We need to go back to the basics of Christianity, sacrificial and unconditional love of Christ.

  6. Eric,

    Maybe I’m unconventional by responding to those on someone’s blog which I have no authority to do so. Your words tugged at me. I won’t lie-yes, I’d love to have & hold a ‘woman’ that accepts me; faults and all. Jesus has so much compassion & the way He’s loved me is beyond words! I’ve given much and much up for the One who gave it all, for me. It’s amazing. Want a paradoxical oxymoron? The harder I fought and found it to love, more love was poured on me making it a bit easier TO love? Weird, I cannot put in words how true love operates.

    Life is a combo of choices. Someone, something, some situation will require some reaction. It’s hard but quicker & easier to respond in love. Somebody wrongs you & instead of fleshing out; immediately follow with “I love you, it’s ok.” Ya might not “feel it” or even feel like it, but they come after you get it out.

    I woke up this morning in the three o’clock hour with the first words on my mind being, “Millions swear by it.” I didn’t nor could I go back to sleep. I’ll finish this up by saying something’s goin on in my world today and I don’t know what it is. Perfect love casts out fear, yes! Have you ever thought of it in this vein; God IS Perfect, God IS love so being in God through Christ is THE WAY to rid fear? Don’t quote me, bc I stand to be corrected. Take care…

  7. Got to thinking about “The Catalyst of Change” and the Love that changes; it comes in a person’s life and changes right near every aspect of it. Surely, it’s not by might or power but by my Spirit says the LORD. Without question it’s only through the power of God that anything of significance changes. It’s the love of Jesus. The name of Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus; what compares? He uses everyday regular flesh and blood to accomplish His work. Bottom line, it’s been a long but growing process. My catalyst for change that God has chosen to use has been here, Rachel’s Blog. God knows I love to talk, and many of you see it. I’ve been challenged and spurred on to move forward. In Him I find peace. Love. Joy. I’m so far from where I wanna be, but He’s taken me so far beyond what I was! I got this weird thing or way that I make things out of whatever is on my mind. It’s an acronym for RACHEL. It’s real for me, so that’s that. A small token of thanks. I hope you like cheese:-)


  8. Today my quiet time talked about love. It said that love should not be earned. The object of your love does not have to do with something or meet certain requirements before he or she is loved by you, even God. This is my first time visiting your blog. God bless you for your words. I hope to come often.

  9. David,
    I am happy to hear that the words I shared were of value to somebody’s life, its an honor to share the love of Christ to his own.
    I love how you put it, that Jesus gave it all. Yes,he loved us to the point of leaving the glory and worship in heaven and came into this fallen world to save wretched men. How awesome is this love. He loved us unto death and nothing will ever separate us from this love.

    We learn how to love by not withholding it nor holding it tight but by releasing it. The situation or circumstances may deceive us into keeping it to ourselves but our duty is to love so that the unbelievers may know that we are disciples of Christ.I usually put it this, I have no right to claim love, if I don’t love and I have a duty to love, even if am not loved.

    I read somewhere that we cant claim we know how to love if we have never been tempted to hate and overcame nor can we ever claim to have peace if we have never been in a storm and felt secure in the hands of God. We develop the fruits of the spirit by being tested in the exact opposite qualities.

    Be blessed and keeping moving towards the finish line.I love the acronym

  10. What a great blog Rachael!! Loving Jesus and loving others in so important!
    What does the Bible say to do if a brother/sister is living like someone in
    The world and you can’t tell if they’re a christian or not? I usually pray
    for them to come around, but what if they’ve done something illegal? Do you
    think they should make restitution to the person they’ve harmed? Should you
    speak to them first, or should you sue? What if this person caused another
    medical and counselling bills and actually drove them insane?
    What about non-christians who do the same to you?

  11. I love that! Some good stuff and why I love discussing topics. Like I said, I don’t know it all; and I thrive from fresh new revelations. That’s good to go. Thank you.

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