Tick Tock, Watch the Clock

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There are lots of ways people approach life. There are the people that exude lots of care,  little care, and then of course those that don’t care very much at all. The amount of care we extend to the things we do is usually based on our personalities, environment and circumstance. Sometimes we get too busy and don’t have the luxury of expending the energy is takes to complete the task before us with excellence. We in turn settle for just the bare minimum to get the job done.  I mean, in terms of reality, time is our highest commodity. It is something we can neither buy nor sell, but rather something we only have the pleasure to spend.

So the question is, how do we distinguish the things we should devote the most time to? Is it okay to sacrifice quality in exchange for quantity? Herein lies the struggle we have all encountered at some point in our lives. As much as I wish there was a calculated equation that could give us the answer, I have yet to come across such a solution.

However, maybe it’s not what we should devote the most time to, but rather how we should approach the things we do have to do. I have learned that the greatest way to free up time is to do all that we do the very best we possibly can.  So many times, it’s the corners we cut that cost us the most time in the end.  It’s either you that find yourself redoing something you’ve already done, wasting time; or it’s that feeling of knowing you could have done better, wasting energy.  As far as I see it, if you commit to doing something, it should be something you fully intend to complete in the fullest regard for excellence. It’s not to say that we have to be perfect in all that we do, because I know sometimes life happens. If we try our best though, we can almost always be ensured good results. For it’s only when we begin to pursue excellence that quantity no longer is a question, because the quality we find is worth far more.

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  1. Totally getting it now. Do your best and you can never regret it….Thank u Rachel, that was a word in time for me:-)

    1. Quality Time

      We place a value on the quantity of time because our perspective in this body is destined to end. (Could be any minute)

      But we have a perspective that does not end when our eyes open into Spirit. The Lord knew us before we came into this body because our Spirit is His breath itself. When the body ends, the Spirit continues because it’s nature is eternal.

      To think we will run out of time, is to base our value of time (quality) on our individual agenda instead of God’s plan. He is not worried that His Kingdom will not come to fruition, so it has no relative value to anything that happens in time. It’s worth is priceless… Immeasurable…
      It’s glory out shines the blink of our existence.

      Yet even while the breath is in the flesh it is possible to know yourself in the Spirit through submission to Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit reveals to us our core, which is transformed by reflection. Through this relationship, we become a vehicle for His glory. It’s our destiny, and every moment humbles itself to this truth.

  2. Hi Rachel, What I am thinking of as I am reading your blog post here is what it is that I should or want to do. I am in a very interesting part of my life, where many things are not clear, such as my direction, where I am going. I am a 29 year old man presently in India, where I have stayed for almost six weeks. My intention for this journey was healing, on all levels- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I felt really bad before I came here, so the opportunity to come here with a yoga teacher I know was very welcomed. A blessing I think. It was at the hotel here that I first discovered DayStar, the Christian TV-Network. I have found it very inspirational at times, and it is thanks to DayStar I have found your blog. I don’t really know why I am telling you all of this, but I think I wanted to share with you that fascinating fact that a somehow lost, seeking man in his late 20’s going across the globe for a healing holiday end up finding your blog and a TV-Channel that inspires and touches, and also very much raises questions.

    If you want to answer me I’d be happy to receive whatever response you have. All the best to you, and if Joni and sorry forget his name, are your parents, please send them my hellos and thanks. Bye for now. Peter.

    1. Peter-

      I think it is so cool you came across Daystar in India. I must say India has a special place in my heart as I have visited several times and have projects I’m working on over there. It is such a beautiful country not only in color but culture as well. It’s hard, I believe, for anyone who visits there to leave the same. It is a country so divided by wealth and poverty it almost doesn’t seem fair. It really put things in perspective.

      I’m so glad you felt comfortable enough to share your story with everyone on here. I know people can relate to that struggle to find out what exactly it is they believe. Faith is a beautiful thing, but not always the easiest to swallow. However, sometimes I think that’s the whole point. It would be so easy for us if we had all the answers but if that was the case I don’t think it would mean as much.

      While I think many would disagree, I would never try to push you to believe a certain thing or even a certain way. There’s no one but you that can make up your mind on your beliefs. It’s something you have to know in your heart to be true; otherwise you’ll always struggle to find that inner peace. Many search their whole lives for something they will never find, because they are looking in the wrong places. Belief isn’t something you can find in this physical world, rather something that comes from within.

      My advice to you would be to pray and ask the Lord if he is real to reveal himself to you. He doesn’t always operate in the way we hope, but if you knock I promise he will always answer. His love is all encompassing, something once you experience, you will never forget for the rest of your life. My life most certainly hasn’t always been perfect since I came to know him, but I can tell you I’m never alone because he is always by my side. Knowing that helps me make it through the days I otherwise don’t know I would have been able to make it through.

      I will be praying for you in your journey, wherever that might lead you. I hope that you can come to find the peace of God in your own way and in your own time. I don’t believe you just happened to come across my blog right in the middle of this “quest” for healing. I would like to think, just maybe, it was a road sign to guide you and direct you in the right direction. I hope everything I said was okay. I appreciate you letting me speak into your life.

  3. Golden Lambgirl:(Love you in the Lord)

    I joyfully thank God daily for you and your folks, for the 24 hours that He gracefully and mercifully allots to us each day, to serve Him, by brightening someone’s day. It is my vision to do that through the power of the Holy Spirit on a grand national /international scale, through one of the earthly channels of Daystar, a multi-racial, radical ministry of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    I believe, that God is NOW raising up a spiritual multiracial race carriers, of His Shekinah glory (supernatural financial prosperity) that will go into this disgustingly bacteria-infested accursed earth, and bring supernatural manifestations of THE BLESSING, especially to third world countries. A real God blitz, of His love and power (Romans 8:18-25). He intends to put Satan under OUR feet – and make him a footstool for OUR feet before the Rapture.

    1. Tommy Hargrove-

      I don’t think I have heard that one before, “Golden Lambgirl”. Look at you being all creative. I can tell you are most definitely passionate, which is good. Always make sure you distinguish the “world” from the “people”. None of us are perfect, but we can certainly always begin again. That is always encouraging to me. I hope you keep reading!

  4. When we build a house we put a lot of time into that house. How we treat others is time well spent and how we care for others shows how we love. The same quality it took to build that house is how we should build relationships. When we pursue excellence in word and deed it says a lot about the house that we live in. May the Lord change us always so we can be the light to others. Love u all.

    1. David-

      Love the analogy! My friends always make fun of me because I explain everything with them! They are so helpful at creating that visual for us. Even though I wasn’t referring to relationships so much in this blog, I agree we should care just as much about them as anything else. You could give me everything in the world, but without the relationships of friends and family it would be of no value.

  5. Make GOD first put people in front of you which also means having time set aside to help someone with their needs (If someone ask you to help them). So we are to set EXTRA time in our overwhelming schedule. It’s hard to say this cause we are all busy people. As Christians we are to help people which are in need and take care of the widows. I have the same problem with making the perfect schedule (it almost cost me my relationship). There was no way I could accomplish my goals for the day and at the end of the day I felt angry, stressed out and bitter. So what I needed to do is appoint just one big goal a day and not try to rush through life. When we rush through life it’s hard to stop and listen to the voice that tells us to help someone or STOP and speak to this person about GOD. When we hear a car go by at a high rate of speed we hear a high pitch sound you only hear for a short time, and when we hear a slow car pass by it’s a lower pitch and we notice it for a longer amount of time. So when we rush through our day it’s hard to tune our ears to the pitch of GOD’S voice. So what I would do is Sunday put a schedule together and equally balance it everyday BUT also giving time for others and last yourself. “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.”
    -Matthew 11:28

    I hope this will help you out
    Many Thanks,

  6. Hi Rachel! This is such a timely post. Life is too short for us to run around doing things that we are not assigned/purposed to do in the first place. Knowing our purpose in life frees us from saying yes to everything that comes our way.

    The eye’s assignment is to see. It would be strange and a total waste of time for the eye to force itself to speak, which is the mouth’s job. Once we know what our purpose is and surrender our days to the Lord, we can be guaranteed that everything we do will be marked with excellence! Thank You, Lord!

    1. Confideo-

      Thanks for coming to check out my blog, I’m so glad this one was able to minister to you. I think you bring up a valued point. So, I agree with you, we can’t do everything everyone asks of us. My dad told me a story about the early days in his ministry when he had nothing. A woman got mad at him and told him he needed to sell everything he had and give it to the poor. He explained to me that if he would have listened to her, his ministry never would have grown to what it is today. So in turn, the millions of dollars he has had the opportunity to give away- he wouldn’t have had. I believe it is important, therefore, to learn to listen to the voice of the Lord. When we follow that still small voice, we will be lead in the right direction! Thanks for your feedback!

      1. Hi Rachel! The story your dad told you is a very good illustration of how important it is to listen to the proddings of the Holy Spirit. Waiting on the Lord is staple in a Christian’s life. I remember how a friend of mine rushed into marriage thinking that the guy was perfect for her. She didn’t listen to all the advice given her by people who had nothing but her best interest in mind. Today, she regrets not getting a confirmation from the LORD.

        It’s sad how we sometimes hold on to things and even people we categorize as the best for us when in fact, God has so much more than we can ask or imagine… if we’d only wait.

        Happy Hearts Day! This is for you http://confideo.livejournal.com/tag/love-defined

  7. This is a little off topic, but I saw a Daystar special of you, your mother, brother, and sister in India. It was so precious and heart touching. The Indian people are beautiful people, especially the children. The care and compassion of you and your family was beautiful to see. When your mother kept dipping into the food bowl to feed hungry children even after her arm hurt, I wanted to jump through the TV screen and say “Let me do it, so they’ll be fed and your arm won’t hurt anymore.”

    God bless you, and may God bless your mother, brother, and sister too. (Also your dad, who no doubt kept the home fires burning in your absence.)

    Love you all,

    1. Ceecee-

      I’m so jealous you got to see the special! I’ve been waiting weeks to see the final product but missed when it aired. I’ve already got it to record when it re-airs. I appreciate your kind words. Our Daystar partners are what make stuff like that happen though. It’s so cool because a lot of people don’t have the time or the money to be able to travel to places like that, but they are still able to make a huge impact by their giving. We all play a small part and together are impacting lives all over the world. We always make sure to let the people know that too. I don’t think it’s even the money people give or the things we do for these people that “gets them”. The thought that people from all over the world that don’t even know them care; that is what lets them feel the love of God. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Rachel, you are without a doubt a breath of fresh air. Your writings are truly inspirational. I know that God is using you to bless His people.

    God Bless you and your family, you are truly blessed of the Lord, thank you for all you do for the body of Christ.

  9. Hi Rachel:

    I’m here in Cochin (South India) and really need your prayer. I have a wife working as teacher, son at 8th standard (high school), and a daughter at 2nd standard at school. I am in the medical transcription business. Now with almost no business. And a lot of financial problems. Need your prayer a lot!


  10. We are a four member family. Myself, wife and two children. In a real financial problem.

    My wife is a teacher and I am without job. Actually I was doing medical transcription.

    Taught more than 1,000 people. As of now I am looking for job.

    Kindly pray for me.

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