The Antidote for All

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Life is full of disappointments, many of which lead to hurt. I feel like this can be one of life’s most grieving encounters, but one that I dare say everyone goes through and must experience at some point. When you fall down and get a scrape, you are physically hurt, but how can you explain the deep feelings that accompany inward hurt?

Everyday people walk around and might wear the face and look the part of everything being okay. However, more people than ever are just trying to survive each day as they are empty, suffering from the pain of this feeling.

As Christians, we are the only light to this dark world that seems to be getting colder as time elapses. We are called to be an extension of the father who felt the ultimate hurt through the pain of his love when he sacrificed his one and only son.

Through his ultimate gift, we are called to love each other like we have been loved. By this, all will know there is hope for a better tomorrow and a future that is filled with happiness and security. So we do as the word says and it does what it promises, “Love conquers all”.

28 thoughts on “The Antidote for All”

  1. Wow this is truelly a powerful message. I know almost everybody can relate to this. You are right as christian we are the only light into the dark world. Even as christians though we have to pray harder the enemy loves to try and attack us. I know for me he is always trying to make me feel worthless ugly not worthy enough to to be loved. These are the battles that i have went through and in some cases i am still going through them but im praying that with gods help we can all be delivered from feeling like this. I really think that in order to reach are generation we all need to do are part. I see so many kids today that walk around today and you can tell they are a mess. We truelly need to help show them the light to jesus. He is the only one that can save them.

  2. Rachel…thank you for you wise and loving words of wisdom! I really enjoyed your blog…keep writing! It is so refreshing to hear these great words from your generation. GOD bless you!!

  3. Every shape formed in this world is in constant motion, therefore all forms end. That’s why we don’t make idols out of forms (even thoughts). They eventually die. This is how our worldly body inherited death, and it’s why Jesus said God is not in a building. God doesn’t die because God doesn’t change. It’s also why Jesus said only those born of Spirit will see eternal life. All forms die as their parts are deconstructed. Our God is One and is eternal life itself.
    When you imitate Jesus, you accept your own death. Only after everything you know of yourself (deception) is deconstructed do you open your eyes to Spirit (Truth) and realize you CAN’T die. You are reborn and your “eyes” have become One. There is no other half in Oneness and the reason you still see out of your own eyes is because Christ stands inside you and the door is still open.

  4. So True, Rachel, We all Need to do our part as Christians…We are the Light In This World..We all Need to work together to spread Inspiration and Hope to Everyone….
    Your Posts are an Inspiration!
    Thanks Rachel,
    Christina 🙂

  5. I have been going through depression. There have been times when I have had suicidal thoughts, but I haven’t given up because I don’t want to be separated from God. Times are tough financially because my husband makes less than $1,000 a month and I am unemployed. I am looking to God for everything. We need a financial miracle.

    1. Don’t worry, Anna, God can give you joy in the middle of your storm. And He will! You just stick through. Circumstances are important, but whats even more important is your victory and overcoming that depression. Because if you can handle the pressuere down there, and still find God and be encouraged to such a degree that you can even encourage others, then God has just made you stronger in Him, you’ve, in a way, graduated! God bless you! God is with you! And He is always, always good! Trust in Him!

  6. Hey Rachel,

    My name is Brittany. I am so touched by this blog. It blesses me to see that our generation is fighting for Christ, because it’s the only thing that matters. I, myself, was born with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. I’m believing God for a total restoration of my body so that I might get on the mission field. I am friend of Pastor Paula White and was on her show. She took teddy bears to the victims of Hurricane Katrina for me and was my legs for me where that I cannot go on the mission field right now.

    It seems like the enemy fights me every single day that I live and I don’t really get why other than the fact that I know when all this is over, I’m going to do something great for Christ. Due to a surgery I had, they messed up some nerves in my spine that go to my bladdar and I now have no bladdar control. I constantly have to fight off UTI’s and it’s like the germ never leaves my body. I’ve prayed and done everything I know to do standing on the Word of God, but I just don’t get it.

    How often are you going to post a blog? This gives me something to look forward to. I too have a blog. Go to Please let me know what you think. I am always up for input. I also have a facebook and a myspace. For the myspace, it’s and facebook is Hope to hear from you soon.

    Take care,

    1. Brittnay McCann-

      I would first like to say I am so sorry it has taken me so long to respond to you. You commented on my first post and at that time I was still trying to figure out how to work everything. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and share with me.

      I am so sorry to hear about the medical difficulties you are facing. I know that can’t be easy. However, it is so awesome to see how you haven’t let that bring you down too much. You are still trying to reach out to others in need and to me that speaks volumes of your determination. Most people wouldn’t even ever try to do anything with their lives if they had such complications. You should be proud of yourself.

      I usually post every Monday, however sometimes due to school it might be later in the week. I hope you have continued to read as I have posted a lot since you wrote this! Again, please forgive me for taking so long to respond! I hope you are doing well!

      My FB blog page is:!/pages/Rachels-Blog-Lets-Talk/102785256460057

      My Twitter is: @Rachellamb02

  7. Hi Rachel…. this is good. Piggybacking on this truth. I believe the antidote for believers and unbelievers to experience the abundant life that’s provide for us is to do as Jesus did –
    He laid his life down for us why not we lay our lives down for him? so that, we may receive all that is our’s for his glory and the expanion of his kingdom. This is love in action

  8. I agree, this is how it should be. But what happens when us Christians feel this emptiness ourselves? When we hit a pit in our spirituality and feel empty, in danger of spiritual death?

  9. I got your contact after watching day star television here in Uganda East Africa on a cable television system en i have been so blessed by both the Tv en your blog i have internet the whole day but i pray that may God enables me to pay the bills for the Tv.
    Thank you Rachel.

  10. I have it deep in me, that this end time generation will witness God like when Christ was on earth.The chains of traditions and doctrines of men which are not of Christ will be done with.Then only the gospel will remain,everything about Jesus , for Jesus and through Jesus as witnessed by the Holy spirit.
    This is the generation Christ is waiting for to use and the world,earnestly waiting for its manifestation.
    Love your blog.Just don’t get tired by anything.Also for you and your friends, you can as well check my facebook page for what God is revealing through me.

  11. Rachel – You are an awesome young lady! How you’ve grown! I am very proud of your life, your blog, your faith & godly perspective! 🙂

    Also wanted to reply to Anna’s & Connie’s comments as a Christian sister who has also faced depression, lack, & the pit. I’ve included my fb notes website for a note I published addresssing these issues. Connie: At those times, labor to enter into His rest, meditate on His great love for you, & be thankful for all the good & perfect gifts He has given you. For both: Meditating & speaking the promises & truths of the Word brings breakthroughs! 🙂

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