Walls Give Way

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I have found that our generation demands transparency, authentic people that are what they say they are. When it comes down to it, we want to know what people are saying lines up with what they are actually doing. That raw distinction of reality has captured us to no longer just take things at face value. We are digging deeper, searching further, and wanting to see beyond the surface.

So why is it that when we do let the walls come down, people suddenly change? Is it information overload? It’s interesting to see how people respond when we actually let them into our worlds. Some embrace you while others aren’t so excited about hearing what you have to say. We want so badly to see who people really are, but I believe we get disappointed when they aren’t everything we hoped they would be.

We have to be careful about what we ask for, because when it stares us straight in the face, the only option we really have is to stare it right back. It’s what I like to call “face to face with reality.” Sometimes though, we get caught up in creating this “illusionary world” we want to live in, instead of realizing what’s truly there. It’s this notion we develop inside our minds of how we want things to be before they come to fruition, if they even ever do at all. Then when things don’t play out like we had imagined, the resulting emotions become difficult to handle. It’s important that we be real. But be wary of who you let in, because when you do that vulnerability can show you just how transitory life can become.

18 thoughts on “Walls Give Way”

  1. This is so true Rachel. Life is all about balance. We should make sure that we know what we are getting into before trying to do something, be something or see something. Always making sure it is a goal or person that aligns with the word of God will cut down on a lot if not all of the problems that we have with passing fancies. =)

    1. Hey Rachel! I totally know how that feels. You’re right…we should be careful, who we let in…because “Each heart knows its own sorrow and no one can share their joys” (Proverbs)…also….”Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life”

      Thankfully, we have the ONE to be transparent with, who loves us despite our sins and our blemishes.

  2. For the most part, I agree with you, Rachel. I think that our generation definitely does have preconceived notions of how things should be, to the point that we reject anything that acts antithetically. But I think the heart of this issue is people’s unwillingness to change or grow in situations contrary to their norm. Sometimes, the greatest thing (and the hardest) we can do is guardedly open our hearts or minds to people or ideas that we don’t see ourselves agreeing with normally. We can be so fearful of what’s different that we stifle our potential to grow from the adversity that comes from meeting it “face to face.” Great job!

    1. Silence D.-

      I can see your point relating to the idea of being open minded. I think it is very important to listen to others viewpoints and at least hear out different perspectives. This subject though, is a whole new “can of worms”. I always try to be opened minded, but then again at the same time there’s that old saying, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”. I believe there are certain “absolutes” that can’t be negotiated. However, that’s just my take on things regarding the subject. : )

  3. Good one, Rachel. I also love that picture of you standing by the water…very artistic.
    Keep up the deep thinking!

  4. Hi Rachel!

    This post reminds me of the saying – don’t just tell me, show me. The reason why ex-addicts are more effective in ministering to those who struggle with drug addiction is because they have experienced the same battle themselves. Yes others could give advice based on principles and theories but only one who has been there, done that can truly empathize. Can you imagine having a swimming instructor who never experienced swimming?

    When a person is real and transparent, he/she showcases the grace of God in his/her life. It shows that God can turn flawed vessels into something new and beautiful.

  5. Rachel & viewers,

    I’m gonna say right now that I’m so not your typical run of the mill Christian. Unorthadox? Without a doubt. Pure intentions? Definitely. Love Jesus Christ unashamedly? Like a guy struggling for oxygen! For everything else, there’s groups to conform to what the religious call “Christianity.” In fact, I don’t wear a Christian tag or say HEY, look at me. I heard it said the name Christian was given to the followers of Christ, by secular on lookers. I don’t talk or walk or even think in line with what a lot would expect. But ya know what? I don’t care. Like you said, it’s about reality. Being real. I couldn’t agree with you more! I kid you not girl–you write the very topics so near & dear to my own heart. Es verdad, si. Seeing as how I can be too honest at times, I’m learning to not air all my dirty laundry. Heck ya know, if I gotta concern myself with dirty laundry; why even bother wearing clothes to begin with? Ha, lo siento…that was just a J O K E!! Anyhow, I’m workin on how to go with stuff. For real tho, somebody asks something & they’ll get the truth. As you said, peoples perception either changes for up or down. I’m here as a witness to the love, grace and acceptance of a Holy and perfect God to a kid that totally didn’t desserve anything but hell. I tried to live and act and do things right, thinking my “goodness” would get me there. Gosh! I was entirely dead wrong. I love these posts Rachel! I love your thoughts and the blog that helps me express myself in a way I feel good doing. God Bless you girl! You’re a blessing, know that. Till next time, thank you y vaya con Dios mi amiga. Hasta, David

    1. David- 

      Your comment was both refreshing and made me laugh. I could see so much of who you were through your words. It’s so cool to see a comment that is so “real”. Not to say that others aren’t, but I can definitely see there was no front there. I think you totally grasped what I was trying to say through this blog. It’s about being wise with who you let yourself become vulnerable too, because when you do things change quickly. 

      No matter what we do though, people are always going to have stuff to say about us. I’m afraid, “Christians” aren’t excluded from this equation. I would encourage you to always be yourself. I don’t think Christianity is what it’s all about, because a relationship is not limited by the the four walls of a building or the ideology of a few. As long as you stay focused on that relationship, it doesn’t matter really what you call yourself. Thanks for reading : )

  6. Before I hit the hay & finish my day, I just wanted to say thanks. Again I know. This is a place to unload and connect. It’s really a place of comfort for me. People are real, and you’re able to choose to enter the uncertain waters of vulnerability. Confideo, I see your love & commitment to the Lord. Knowledge & wisdom come from you, and it’s true b/c it’s reality. A persons spirit shall bear witness and I’ve caught myself lining up with what you have to say. Thank you. God Bless you all. Shalom:-}

    1. Hi David! Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. I remember once when a person asked me if I were a Christian because he wanted to know my view on a particular topic. It was funny coz I felt I had to ask him to define the word Christian before I could tell him if I was one. It’s sad that there are many who describe Christians as churchgoers and judgmental. It is not our part to judge because we don’t know all the details (only God knows). Our part is to love and serve which is what Jesus did.

  7. Hi Rachel,

    This subject is increasingly becoming one of great importance to me. And I don’t believe it’s just your generation wanting truth, maybe your generation is a lot more motivated & hungry to “feel” what’s real. Prior to giving my life to Christ, I pretty much was just along for the ride. Didn’t even know which one either, just floating on whatever wave would roll. If it was cool, I was in. It it was the new fashion statement, I’d try it. If it was a certain attitude, I’d wear it. Whatever to just “play the game” & have people think I was, when I didn’t have the slightest clue of what it was I was trying, and who for?!

    Why now? 2011; and February of all times to get real but as it’s sung, “If it’s gotta be sometime why not now?” My walls started coming down a few months ago but have been increasing more and more. Like Humpty Dumpty tryin’ to sit still on that wall but you know he had a big fall. Well, I’m opening up more & more but reserving certain info for a need to know type basis. People change for a number of reasons the more I think. UNIFORMS & MASKS! aka; the everyday attire we see somebody dressed in. I remember this man I’d always see on the tv. I’d always think he was the coolest type guy, and what a dude he must be like to be around! No joke, I thought this man was IT. Then I saw him doing a live gig and he couldn’t have been more of a self absorbed, stuck on himself little dweeb with more insecurities than Carters got liver pills! The man lost all type respect. People were foaming at the mouth bc of him. “OMG! You see him? You know who he is right?” I dang near lost my cookies at the name and politely responded, “Oh him, yeah–uh huh. That’s just ——” I see him now and I’ve got the channel turned before his mouth opens. ANNY-how. Moving along. And that’s not putting pressure on those who may be in the spotlight. This man just acts one way on TV, then will slap you up side the head off set. THAT, aint cool with me. Make sense?

    If ya know your Creator and you’re true to yourself, maybe peoples walls will fall down throughout life? Like Paul’s thorn in the flesh to keep him humble so as to keep from boasting. All I know is I “can’t” boast even if I wanted to. My life is an open display of God’s mercy. And if somebody doesn’t see it, I’ll see they hear it if the opportunity allows. Paul said “I’ve become all things to all men so that by all means I may win some.” In working with God, I’ve allowed Him to take and break me down shotgun style. Hasn’t been easy and it sure hasn’t been fast, quick, or fun. But regardless of the final outcome, I just want to be able to say I lived an open life that displayed God’s love & compassion. I think the reason why we get all bent out of frame or tweeked concerning somebody’s realness is our own preconceived notion of what we believe IS their realness. Rachel, you probably said that already but in a more sophisticated way. I love your writing style and the way you make words just marinate. Me: I might jump to the end, come back to the start, hit some mids…but in the end, what can I say but I am who I am. Proverbs 3:5,6–>major! IF we don’t expect much, then we won’t be disappointed if we don’t see what we would like. To be however old you are, you’re so wise to believe the way you do. That’s awesome, and I commend you for it! I’m 33 & it’s taken this much time etc…

    What people watch on TV, listen to for music, who they hang with, what they see…all have tremendous amounts of influence on behavior!! I know. Trust me; ya watch Sopranos then listen to some Frank Sinatra, get around some wanna be thug like punk gang bangers, and get caught up bein around a Day’s of Our Lives episode at a person’s real life drama in action and you’ll get the “Hey yo Vinny, come on man; let’s roll up outta here” type mentality. Um hmm. Sho nuf:-} All for nothing. Being something you aren’t made to be. Ya might think “Dang, this guy has lost his marbles!” Naw, really I’m just keepin things real. And I’m not dumb enough to think it’s just here. It’s everywhere. Ecclesiastes & 1 Cor come to mind. But again, you already mentioned that. In a different way you told it, but I can be like a walking Amplified version of life. Not adding or taking away but giving the full message.

    I may never ever meet you except for right here. Ya know? That’s cool. What you’ve done and the way you’ve treated me is so been beyond words. You’ve provided a place for an individual like myself to come and let ‘er loose, and you haven’t kicked me out or told me to shut up & act a different way or else. You mentioned being far from perfect. That’s all of us. But, you’re just far from perfect, I’m farther from perfect but I’m a boat load closer to Jesus and where I was 5, 10, 12 years ago!! And it’s JESUS:-} And I guess that’s all I gotta say about that. For now…smile, it only takes 2 muscles. Takes 78 to frown. So don’t worry, be happy. Matt 11:28

    PS: Confideo…you’re a cool dude. You’re welcome, but thank you. Thank you for bein real. Y’alright man:-}

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