Anger: It’s Up to You!

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If it’s true that we are the only ones that can control our mood, how is it that when we become angry we blow up? Despite any extenuating circumstances, we are ultimately always in control, whether that be happy, sad, or even upset. I find, however, that anger is the hardest emotion to restrain. It’s like some innate switch that someone flips and all rationale goes out the window. It seems to me that no matter how hard you try to monitor the feeling the agitation in essence becomes one in its own.

I wish I could offer some sort of resolution, but I’m not so sure I have figured one out. I think maybe that the beginning lies in the end. Learning to understand the outcomes that result when things get out of control helps the position for next time. Reconciling the pain of the wounds it transpires calls for a better solution.

Remembering, I believe, is important to better understand, but it still seems to not be enough. How many times have you felt yourself start to get angry as the flash backs of the last fight start playing through your mind? Just for a second, time stands still as your thoughts rewind, and in that split second, you painfully regret what you know is about to take place. That overwhelming burst explodes, forcing the cycle to play out yet again.

Relations of Relationships: Lonely No More

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It’s sad to see how far the heart will go to fight off its loneliness. Weather it has to travel to the depths of sacrifice, wrong choices, and even giving up something else– its pursuit is endless until it finds what it’s looking for. I feel as if it’s a natural desire to want that “special person” to be by your side. It’s comforting to know that someone loves you and even more to know that they will always be there. Why is it though that we go through so much hurt to find what no human being can even fill?

People go through relationships like it’s going out of style these days, not considering the consequences of such actions. The confusion of what’s right and even more whose right plagues my generation.  We date for fun and the games we play no textbook can explain, many not even understanding themselves. It’s difficult to fill the void of companionship as the “right guy/girl” seems to be disappearing before our eyes. As our world becomes darker as time grows old, fewer things seem to work, and we grow wearier.

Maybe a relationship is not the answer to the loneliness that so many battle. If a relationship with the Lord draws us to be consistent and faithful, then maybe it’s through our interaction with him that we can only learn what it truly means to be fulfilled. When we practice a right relationship with the right person (God), maybe finding that other half won’t be so hard.

The Antidote for All

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Life is full of disappointments, many of which lead to hurt. I feel like this can be one of life’s most grieving encounters, but one that I dare say everyone goes through and must experience at some point. When you fall down and get a scrape, you are physically hurt, but how can you explain the deep feelings that accompany inward hurt?

Everyday people walk around and might wear the face and look the part of everything being okay. However, more people than ever are just trying to survive each day as they are empty, suffering from the pain of this feeling.

As Christians, we are the only light to this dark world that seems to be getting colder as time elapses. We are called to be an extension of the father who felt the ultimate hurt through the pain of his love when he sacrificed his one and only son.

Through his ultimate gift, we are called to love each other like we have been loved. By this, all will know there is hope for a better tomorrow and a future that is filled with happiness and security. So we do as the word says and it does what it promises, “Love conquers all”.

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