The Waiting Game

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If the saying rings true, “All good things come to those who wait,” why is that we have such a hard time being patient? Our society is routinely looking to make things quicker, more convenient, or even faster if it means that it gives them some extra time. From drive-thru coffee houses to drop off pharmacies our culture has become crazed with impatience.

Even as my generation has cultivated and developed accordingly, why does it seem like we aren’t getting where we want fast enough? We spend our whole lives waiting to be at the next turn in the road. We can’t wait to start driving, we can’t wait to graduate high school, we can’t wait to finish college; then it’s our careers, waiting to begin a family, and then counting down the days to retirement. We spend our lives waiting and waiting.

I have to wonder though, if we spend so much time and waste so much emotion trying to get ahead, have we ever really lived our lives or rather just been waiting around for life to happen? My suggestion would be to enjoy yourself where you’re at, because just because tomorrow doesn’t seem to arrive fast enough, it still always comes.

31 thoughts on “The Waiting Game”

  1. I learn everyday about simply enjoying life, little moments that we might not think about because we are always in a hurry. Great post lady!

  2. You’re so right Rachel. It’s really sad too because we are so blessed in America and in many places around the world but we are never content. When the Bible says godliness with contentment is great gain it was not kidding! =D

  3. Hi Rachel! Boy your blogs are talking to me right now.
    I am getting a good word from Joyce Meyer right now on waiting for Gods timing. God delights in giving us things but to get them we have to wait ( ugh)
    I for one have seeked a mate in my own power and it has been one train wreck after the other. It feels so un-natural to wait for God when all my friends are getting married and all the attractive girls are being taken by worldly men who pursue them. I KNOW God knows better than me. I have been humbled greatly so that now I will wait until I am 35 to get a good wife.(Im 28)

  4. To continue with what you wrote, I have this feeling that my Adult life will not Truly begin until I get married. I have wasted a Ton of time and emotion.It is depressing to look back but I with the help of The Holy Spirit, Daystar and Joyce Meyer I am coming up. It’s the Truth- Commit your way, then Just Trust and Obey ( and enjoy every day;)

    1. Joe-
      I’m glad to see you found my blog. Isn’t it great how God uses totally different people, things, and situations to confirm to us what he is speaking? I think the Lord is trying to remind you that he has things under control. It’s natural to want that other special person by your side, but like this blog says you can’t put your whole life on hold waiting on something to happen. Live your life, go after your dreams, and somewhere along the way you will meet your wife! Until then, keep continuing to trust in him.

  5. Hey girl, this is so good! As well as so true! I struggle with this a lot and I feel like I’m always waiting for the next thing in my life to happen or change, but if we focus on living life to the fullest day by day not worrying about what tomorrow holds we would probably be a lot better off! Wish it was as easy as that tho! We do constantly want something better and I feel like I’m always waiting. Thanks for the encouraging words! 🙂

  6. Patience is a virtue!
    Live and breath, what ever it is that you may due. We should always remember that there are consequence’s for our actions in life. I know this from my actions in my short life time. There is a lot to learn from this blog! We need to learn that we are not all perfect, as much as we would like to think so. We are all humans, and that’s what we were made as….To be able to make mistakes, but also learn from your mistakes in life as well, and better yourself…Is truely a gift!

    1. Ben-
      I’m glad you like my blog. You are so right about making mistakes. Even though I don’t think it was the point of this blog entry it’s definitively true. No one is perfect, in fact, far from it. It doesn’t matter how many times we get knocked down, as long as we keep getting back up then we haven’t failed!

  7. love it Rachel, u really are gifted, keep up the good work, by the way how did the surgery go? hope well, cuz i know God is with us even thru the hard times, God bless!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Rach,
    This is so true.We all need to slow down a bit and enjoy this life God has given us!Thanks for the reminder.I really love your words of encouragment.Be Blessed:)

  9. We’re far removed from the way things were in the Bible. Before the internet, television, and radio changed our world. Where in the days of the Bible it was easier to wait on God and even life because they had no distractions and nothing to compare their lives to. Now we see and hear the glamour of people on the news and it’s usually the wealthy and successful that the media focuses on and our senses and mind are bombarded with it. We begin to measure ourselves to those examples and begin to want to be like them. And instead of enjoying the life we have, we begin to envy the lives of others and become hard pressed to be like them and we trade in waiting on God’s Will to working towards our own. Thought provoking for sure Miss Rachel.

  10. oh man that hit me hard. I have a biq problem with waitin. But now I’m like Lord, just take ur time. I’ll wait now : )

  11. On time and perspective:
    If you think of time as a rainbow where the inside color is the slowest, and the outside is the fastest, then you can imagine how the yellow feels watching that slow green underneath. Some things are so slow to us they seem still, and others a fast blur.
    If information were to take time to be dissapated, it would take longer and longer for each lower color to give the message. That’s why our words are last in line under the heart, mind, will, and Spirit. They are like the rainbow. The will is a much faster message than the mind, and the heart is faster than the body, which is why we can’t “behave” our way into heaven.
    Jesus told us that out of your mouth would be seed-packed fruit from the Spirit you serve. Love is His message that makes it’s way into time through us. He (word) came into time as Truth and opened a door into every moment. We don’t build a pathway to God, he built a pathway to us.

  12. Hi rachel, you are so right with waiting. I’m in a phase of my life now pushing late 20’s where i have to learn how to prioritize and set my goals to follow through with what I’ve planned. After graduating from college back in ’07, i fell into a funk where I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but began to figure out my interests and put them on the table. I’ve had to figure out what I was good at and it took a while. I’ve been waiting on God to give me knowledge as to how to put everything together and set my goals accordingly. Waiting is not an easy thing. I’m learning how to trust in Him more and more each day and not get so anxious when things don’t become so easy for me. My church was recently talking about how we live in a a microwavable society in which we want everything so quickly. I’m guilty for that and I’m learning that everything happens for me in God’s timing. No one is on the same page as the next person, so when things don’t happen for me as quickly as I’d like them to work out, that’s God’s way of teaching me how to wait paitently to achieve the things in my life. So anyway, you are so good at relating to people and I hope to continue to blog since I’ve been watching daystar religiouly for like 1 yr. and a half now. I see your commericial for blogging and I’d thought I’d might check it out. I like it. So, you’ll hear from me more often. Sherina “shay”

  13. When we are in so much of a “hurry” for things to get done, we so often also miss the STILL SMALL VOICE, that is telling us “Your ears will hear a word behind you, “This is the way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right or to the left.” (Isaiah 30:21) It has been my heart`s cry Father let me hear your voice and be still to listen for you. I am so tired of being in so much of a hurry that I just feel disconnected from the Lord. So I have purposfully stopped “doing” and start every day listening. It has indeed slowed all of my life down, which is so awesome!! Bless you!

  14. I’VE NEVER HAD PATIENCE! NOW that I’m going threw this TRIAL OF MARRIAGE, I MUST be patience on GOD to move! I’ve tried it my way for 7 months, now it’s all in his hands!!!!! PTL!!! i’M FINDING OUT WHAT REALLY MAKES ME HAPPY, & WHAT THE LORD WANTS ME TO DO!!!!

  15. This is such a thought provoking subject for the body of Christ. I recently found myself being too anxious for the next “thing” to happen in my life. Everytime God would speak to me about the next level, I would find myself thinking about it too much and disregarding the things that I should be taking care of in the present. My focus was always on the future and wanting it to come quicker than it was. That is being anxious and God clearly advises His children not to be anxious for nothing. I have repented of not being able to wait. Now I enjoy life, regardless of present circumstances, right where I am.

  16. Oh the joy of waiting , waiting for something , the hope that it brings and the hope that brings the sunshine joy!!!
    beautiful , helps to take the good in life!!
    I love ur thoughts!!

  17. I was watching the daystar television with my mom when i heard about you having an blog , then i became very interested to check out what your blog has to say, and it turn out when i read about what you have to say about Being patient in life. It was God spirit that talk to you to open my eyes on waiting for GOD and taking on step at a time. Because it is true on what you said about us living in a fast lifestyle society that we sometimes tend to start become unappreciatinng what GOD has bless us with and what he has in mind for us , that’s if we wait, pray and trust him. Thank you , and hopefully next topic you can talk about Dreams and making a difference. Thank you
    be bless

  18. Hey Rachel I love the blog, its awesome! I know what you mean about not wanting to wait. I couldn’t wait to be 17, but now I wish I was still a kid. Its just you don’t realize that your hurrying your life away that’s what I did!

  19. Thanks for taking the time to “chew”. If you allow me a couple of corrections: Green is faster than Yellow, (lol) and instead of dissipating information, which may still be the case, information is disseminated throughout the time spectrum in different speeds.
    Imagine us being connected to Paris by a Time grid where some areas of the grid between us contract and relax as if they are breathing. In a contracted area, our clocks would move faster relative to the clocks in Paris if they were in a relaxed area of the grid. We may be in the “future” a slight bit ahead of the moment they were still in. If we were to approach Paris, we would move out of our local time area and into theirs, and meet them in exactly the same moment. If we were to connect and talk on the telephone, the electrons that move the information through the wires would be subject to the compression effects, yet once they reach you, it sounds as if they are in the same real-time moment because it is in your part of the grid.
    The layers of time speeds between us and God are connected as well. Even though His perspective is beyond time, He dropped the seed of His true perspective into time, His Son, the Spirit of Truth. The door to Him is Truth. He doesn’t exist in the shadows of deception. If we stand open before Him, He can be with us in every single moment, even those beyond time.

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